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In addition to the labial and vaginal surgeries listed in the menu of services, Dr. Hamori can also perform other ancillary cosmetic procedures requested by patients. These can include excision of hymenal remnants and removal of anal skin tags.

Hymenal remnants

Hymenal remnants are small mucosal skin tags in the vagina, which are normal in sexually active women. Occasionally, one or several of the remnants becomes enlarged and visible through the vaginal opening. These visible remnants may become swollen and tender after intercourse. Surgical removal of prominent hymnal remnants can be done to decrease visibility of the tags and to eliminate swelling of the tags after intercourse.

The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes. Absorbable sutures are used and patient may return to work within a few days. Patients must abstain from intercourse for 5-6 weeks to allow for proper healing.

Anal skin tags

Anal skin tags are small tabs of skin around the rectal area. They are often a result of left over areas of stretched out skin after hemorrhoids shrink. They can make hygiene difficult and can be unsightly. Surgical removal of anal skin tags reduces the redundant skin. The procedure takes about 30 minutes to an hour and is usually done under twilight sedation. The sutures are absorbable and dissolve with time. PLEASE NOTE: Prior to consultation by Dr. Hamori, it is recommended that a patient first be evaluated by a general surgeon through their PCP to rule out hemorrhoids.


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    Hymenal remnant repair as part of perineoplasty with labiaplasty

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