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vFit Plus

vFit Plus logoDr. Hamori is a reseller of the vFit Plus — a home use vaginal tightening device that uses LED light to help improve vaginal health.

vFit Plus promotes intimate wellness — an important factor in women's physical, emotional and social well-being.

vFit Plus


vFit Plus is the first and only personal wellness device that uses patented red-light (LED) technology that's been scientifically validated to deliver impressive results in a few short weeks.

vFit results


vFit is designed to be affordable, non-invasive, and all natural for use in the privacy of your home for up to 12 minutes a day, every other day.

To schedule a demo and inquire about training and purchasing the device for your personal use, please contact Dr. Hamori's office at 781-934-2200.

More information is available at www.vfitplus.com.

Also see this article in Modern Aesthetics.


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