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Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Tightening Surgery)

Vaginoplasty is a surgical tightening of the vagina that can restore size, function, and pleasure sensation of the vagina. Vaginal laxity is the #1 physical change after childbirth.

Childbirth can cause muscle injury, nerve impingment and fibrosis in the vaginal area. Complaints of women who are possible candidates for vaginoplasty include:

  • Vaginal looseness
  • Reduced sexual satisfaction
  • Unappealing appearance / vuvlar sagging
  • Pelvic prolapse / leaking

Vaginoplasty surgery is performed in the OR under general anesthesia. The vaginal muscles are exposed and sutured together to restore the natural shape and size of the vagina, which becomes distended and stretched out after childbirth.

Vaginoplasty with Perineoplasty

Dr. Hamori describes perineoplasty and vaginoplasty for the Plastic Surgery Channel.

While vaginoplasty addresses more of the interior of the vagina, perineoplasty is the surgical repair of the external vulva, or introitus, that becomes stretched after vaginal birth. It specifically addresses the external elongation of the vagina towards the anus, and corrects the muscle laxity at the base of the introitus, or vaginal opening. The surgery involves removing the redundant skin of the introitus at the beginning of the vagina, then suturing the muscles back into the correct youthful and tight anatomical position, and finally skin closure. The surgery results in a smaller opening of the vagina with better support of the back wall.

Often the two surgeries are performed together.

Special expertise in female genital surgery

Dr. Hamori, co-author of Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery: Concepts, Classification and Techniques, is a recognized expert in female genital surgery and vaginal rejuvenation. She and Dr. DiEdwardo perform vaginal tightening surgery that is similar to the muscular repair during a tummy tuck where the abdominal wall muscles are sutured back together in the midline (rectus abdominus muscle plication) after pregnancy. Just as the abdominal wall stretches with pregnancy, so do the vaginal walls with delivery. In addition, restoration of the pelvic floor muscle improves the shape and the function of vagina.

Dr. Hamori explains vaginoplasty and mothers' postpartum complaints and expectations.

Vaginoplasty surgery takes approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours and requires a recovery of approximately one week. Patients should wait three weeks before returning to exercise, and six weeks before sexual activities. The procedure restores natural youthful anatomy and has been shown to improve sexual satisfaction in women. Male partners benefit too due to the smaller vaginal size and increased sensation of friction.

Vaginoplasty and perineoplasty are major surgeries and you should speak with your surgeon  about the risks and rewards. Dr. Hamori and Dr. DiEdwardo use a long lasting analgesic during surgery to help manage post-op pain, which provides 48 – 72 hours of comfort. After that patients should ice the area and stay off their feet. Your doctor will prescribe a regimen of estrogen cream inserted vaginally and Kegels to improve muscle tone. Most patients feel great at about 2 to 3 months. This surgery delivers a permanent correction.

vaginoplasty condition photo

Vaginoplasty + non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation

In addition to the surgical procedures, Dr. Hamori, can also add non-surgical vaginal tightening and rejuvenation treatments using EmpowerRF, ThermiVa and Viveve radio frequency treatments — among others — to help stimulate nerve growth and collagen production.

Vaginoplasty is the surgical gold standard for vaginal tightening to which all non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures are compared. For more information on the advancements in non-surgical options available see: Ultimate Mommy Makeover

When you schedule a consult, your surgeon can determine whether you are a candidate for a surgical or non-surgical solution to your vaginal rejuvenation goals.

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    Vaginoplasty - Before and After - Vaginoplasty with Perineoplasty

    Vaginoplasty Before Vaginoplasty After

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    Vaginoplasty Before Perinoplasty Before and After

    Vaginoplasty - Before and After - Vaginoplasty with Perineoplasty and Labiaplasty

    Vaginoplasty Before Vaginoplasty After

    Vaginoplasty - Before and After - Vaginoplasty with Labiaplasty

    Vaginoplasty Before Vaginoplasty After

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